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Energex Quality Rated Electrical Contractor

All Terrain Power is an Energex Quality Rated electrical contractor for:

Energex Rated Electrical Contractor
  1. Construction & Maintenance of Overhead Mains to 33kV (SWP25), including
    • Worksite preparation and reinstatement
    • Overhead infrastructure preparation and installation of overhead plant, overhead conductors and supporting infrastructure
    • Overhead infrastructure maintenance
    • Recovery of Overhead infrastructure
    • Installation of overhead conductors, spacers, bridges, connections and pole mounted plant
  2. Low Voltage Overhead Service Lines (SWP12.3), including
    • Installation, Recovery, Relocation & Replacement of Overhead Service Lines
    • Inspection of Overhead Service Lines
    • Tree Trimming around Service Lines
    • Electrical testing of works to ensure premises is electrically safe


"ATP carried out the relocation of a major power line at the Noosa Landfill Site as  part  works supervised by GHD Pty. ATP  showed excellent attention to detail, their compliance with safe work methods was excellent and they carried out their role with due diligence, at all times maintaining excellent relations with other Contractors and Staff on the site."

B Ferguson, GHD Pty Site Supervisor, 2011